Education Month in Paramount

Courtesy photo The sculpture “Poetry in Motion,” by Kathleen Caricof, is located at the Paramount High School Library.

June is Education Month in Paramount, with the Paramount City Council recognizing the top teachers, classified employees, administrators, and students in the Paramount Unified School District.


It was proclaimed in late May this year to split the honoring of personnel into two Council meetings, on May 23 and June 13.


At the former meeting, the following District employees were recognized.


Alondra Middle School

Teacher—Claudia Crystal Latorre

Classified—Ernestina Flores


Buena Vista High School

Teacher—Luis Ayala, Jr.

Classified—Craig Graham



Teacher—Ligia-Elena Diaz

Classified—Consuelo Avila



Teacher—Ann Juarez

Classified—Esli Gomez


Early Childhood Education

Teacher—Diana Amezcua

Classified—Alejandra Figueroa



Teacher—Tawny Bradley

Classified—Minerva Valle



Teacher—Marisol Mejia

Classified—Alejandra Macias



Teacher—Marlene Morales

Classified—Michelle Carrillo



Teacher—Cindy Tsang

Classified—Nichole McKinney



Teacher—Cristina Nuñez

Classified—Pilar Segovia


Los Cerritos

Teacher—Claudia Perez

Classified—Maria De La Torre



Teacher—Oscar Loza

Classified—Liset Quintero


Odyssey STEM Academy

Teacher—Angelica Garcia

Classified—Sandra Gaitan


Paramount Adult School

Teacher—Olukemi Lalude-Davies

Classified—Mina Olmos


Paramount Park Middle School

Teacher—Pamela Rayanna Fernandez

Classified—Maria Zepeda


Paramount High School

Teacher—Keith Louie

Classified—Olive Fukofuka


Paramount High School West Campus

Teacher—Cynthia Jimenez

Classified—Romie Jimenez



Teacher—Laura Black

Classified—Pedro Garcia



Teacher—Irma Guzman

Classified—Yvonne Sanchez



Teacher—Mayra Dominguez

Classified—Laura Soto



Teacher—Ilka Jauregui

Classified—Teresa Gonzalez


District Offices

Classified—Cyndi Sedano

Maintenance and Operations

Classified—Jose Gonzalez

Support Provider of the Year—Adriana Larios

Classified Manager of the Year—Ofelia Larios

Administrator of the Year—Myrna Morales



Then, at the June 13 City Council meeting, the following students were celebrated.


Paramount High School Valedictorian Marlen Hernandez Guiterrez, attending UCLA.


Paramount High Salutatorian Angel Munoz, going to UC Irvine.


The Strong Mind Award (top student in the graduating class at Odyssey STEM Academy) to Esteban Jimenez Jr., going to UCLA.


The Top 25 Academic students from Paramount High School, college-bound seniors with the highest GPAs in their graduating class who will be featured on banners along the Boulevard of Scholars on Alondra between Downey and Paramount.


Marlen Hernandez Guiterrez, UCLA


Angel Munoz, UC Irvine


Edwin Bautista, UC Irvine


Imara Zepeda, Chapman University


Christopher Kaing, UC Irvine


Jose Berdeja, Stanford


Nathalia Soriano, UC Santa Barbara


Jesus Hurtado, UC Irvine


Jael Alejandre, Cerritos College


Darian Valencia, UC Santa Barbara


Melanie Cabrera, UCLA


Vanessa Pena, UCLA


Kenyea Coleman, UC Berkeley


Ximena Sifuentes, Long Beach St.


Susana Rivera, Cal State Dominguez Hills


Erin Gonzalez, Cal Poly Pomona


Xena Moreno, UC San Diego


Christopher Velasquez, UCLA


Denise Huerta, Long Beach St.


Kimberely Ruiz Alvarez, UCLA


Lisette Esparaza Lozano, Chapman University


Rubi Valensuela Uriarte, UC Irvine


Juan Alvarez, Whittier College


Jasmin Plascencia, Long Beach City College


Saraí Novoa, UC Irvine



The top five students from Odyssey who will also be on our Boulevard of Scholars.


Esteban Jimenez, Jr., UCLA


Pamela Perez, UC Davis


Natalie Chiriboga, Cal Poly Pomona


Alexander Hernandez, Cerritos College


Paul N. Seehusen, Long Beach St.



The Top 5 Volunteers from Paramount High.


These students put in the most community service hours during their high school years and will be featured on banners at the Civic Center.


Retse Reynoza, 280 hours


Joany Martinez, 270.5 hours


Andrea Perez Aguayo, 266.5 hours


Andrea Rios, 222.5 hours


Carolina Sanchez, 217 hours


Momentum students

The Top 5 Momentum students from Paramount High who overcame early obstacles at school to become successful graduates and will also have banners at the Civic Center.


Corderro Bellamy


Juan Duenes Herrera


Martin Gonzalez


Saul Manzo


David Martinez



Millennium Scholar

Gates Millennium Scholar, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, one of only 300 student leaders a year chosen from across the United States with each receiving full funding for all costs to attend a four-year university.

Paramount High Jose C. Berdeja, attending Stanford and joins 20 previous Pirates who have been selected for this scholarship.


City officials congratulated them all and expressed appreciation to them for representing Paramount so well.