Editor’s Take: In praise of Paramount’s public schools

Charles M. Kelly is the editor of the Paramount Journal.

I’ve criticized our local officials lately, so it only seems fair that I sing the praises of Paramount Unified School District when such praise has been earned by PUSD staff and acknowledged by others.

Four Paramount area schools—Lincoln, Jefferson and Hollydale were all honored in early May for improving English and math skills for their students. Obviously, my main interest is in English, seeing as I earn my living using it.

Well done, teachers.

And well done, kids.

Growing up, I attended both public and private schools. Suffice to say the least insulting experience I had at a private school was having a hangman’s noose dropped around my neck.
Public schools taught me the value of reading, writing, hard work and meeting deadlines—skills I now use to earn my living.

I’m not saying all public schools are perfect, but I took with me from public schools experiences, skills and values that stayed with me all my 58 years on this earth.

I have no doubt the lessons taught in Paramount Unified’s schools will stay with today’s children thoughout their lives.

And, kids? Fair warning: homework is eternal. Just saying.

Charles M. Kelly is editor of the Paramount Journal. If you agree or disagree with his opinion—and frankly, he enjoys friendly arguments—email him at ckelly@localnewspapers.org.