Help a Paramount student go to college

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The Paramount Education Partnership is asking for contributions to support the scholarship program.

PEP began in 2004 by gathering input from a range of community members to find out what kind of entity would best serve their needs.

PEP’s many achievements include opening Community Learning Resource Centers that provide students and adults with computer access, homework help, and a variety of other classes and programs. PEP has also created mentorship programs for young people and general outreach efforts to promote the importance of advanced education.

Perhaps the most ambitious aspect of PEP has been issuing college scholarships.

Thanks to the generosity of the local business community, nearly $1.4 million has been given to students attending a university, community college, or technical school for a total of 451 scholarships since the program began.

For some of these students, the scholarships have made the difference in whether or not they could continue their education.

All donations are made to the PEP 501c3 non-profit entity, and are tax deductible. Donating to the fund also offers ways to promote a business to the community at large.

If interested in contributing through sponsorships or other donations, please call (562) 220-2121.

You can view short videos about the program on the City’s YouTube channel in the playlist titled Paramount Education Partnership.