City employee saves a colleague’s life

Courtesy photo Seen from left to right are: Councilmember Vilma Cuellar Stallings, Vice Mayor Annette C. Delgadillo, Mayor Idabel Aguayo, Arellano, Councilmember Peggy Lemons, and Councilmember Brenda Olmos.

Courtesy of city of Paramount


During a lunch break with co-workers in June, Paramount Public Works Water Supervisor David Arellano noticed a fellow staff member who appeared to be choking. He quickly realized that the man was, indeed, choking, and moved into position to perform the Heimlich Maneuver.

After a couple of attempts, Arrellano successfully dislodged a piece of food, allowing his co-worker the ability to breath again. He was recognized at the July 25 Paramount City Council meeting for his act of heroism.

“Thanks to his fast action and exceptional presence of mind, as well as the CPR/First Aid training received as part of his job, David saved this man’s life,” said Paramount Mayor Isabel Aguayo. She noted that he will be nominated for the American Red Cross Hometown Heroes program that promotes stories of extraordinary courage and generosity.

“We offer our profound gratitude that he was there that day and acted so boldly in order to save a life,” the Mayor said.