City asks residents to join Neighborhood Watch

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City asks residents to join Neighborhood Watch

Did you know that areas with active Neighborhood Watch programs generally have less crime than those without them?

Neighborhood Watch is a partnership in crime prevention. Residents come to know their neighbors, look out for each other’s welfare and property, and report suspicious activities.

Paramount has many active Neighborhood Watch groups. The meetings are hosted by the city’s neighborhood preservation officer, the neighborhood’s beat deputy from the Sheriff’s Department, and a city community service officer.

They can be held in small tracts of homes or cover entire multi-block areas.Any number of issues can be raised – traffic, loud parties, burned-out street lights,and more.

Neighborhood Watch gives residents an opportunity to discuss whatever might be affecting their quality of life in the city. In addition, they are encouraged to place calls for service to the Sheriff’s Department whenever needed.

Information is also distributed about the many services and programs available to Paramount residents.

Since neighbors know better than anybody what happens on their street, this is a good way to contribute to local public safety. And any resident who reports criminal activity through Neighborhood Watch or by calling the Sheriff’s Department can remain totally anonymous if they choose.

Neighborhood Watch groups also help folks prepare for natural disasters.

To become a part of Paramount’s program, call the Public Safety Department at 562-220-2002.