Paramount Adult Ice Skaters


This is just a reminder that we are here every Wednesday, so when you find that fits your schedule, please come and join us. The public session is from 10:00am to noon, but there is no need to be here right at the start of the session. The entrance fee for Iceland is $10.00 if you have your own skates (and a little more if you don’t). If you become a frequent visitor, multi-entrance tickets are sold at a discount. Coin lockers ($1.00) are available if you like. Part of the purpose of the group is socializing (we evolved from the coffee club of yore).

Some of this takes place during the session in the break room where the non-skating members congregate as well as skaters resting from time to time. After the public session ends, at about noon, we reconvene, without skates, at a fast-food restaurant around the corner for an inexpensive lunch and discussions on skating, old times, recent movies, etc. Attendance is, of course optional. Hope to see you soon!