City Council Martinez steps down; special meeting set for June 11

Diane J. Martinez will retire effective June 7. Courtesy photo

At the June 4, Paramount City Council meeting, longtime Paramount City Councilmember Diane J. Martinez announced her retirement from the City Council. Martinez’s retirement will be effective Friday, June 7, 2019.


Mayor Tom Hansen said, “State law gives the City Council options of filling the nine-month vacancy. These options will be presented to the council at a special meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, June 11, at 4:30 p.m. Councilmember Martinez’s term ends in March, 2020, so we will act swiftly to make sure there is full representation for our residents.”


Martinez is leaving the council after 25 years of service to the Paramount community.  First elected in 1994, she has served six terms as mayor.


In a prepared statement, Martinez said: “I want to thank everyone in Paramount for the support they have given me. It has been the greatest honor in my life to serve you and to help make the City a successful community, one that we are all proud to call home. Paramount has made great strides in the last 25 years. Our countless achievements are due entirely to you, the residents of this community, who have chosen honest, forward-thinking leaders.”


“As I leave office, I am incredibly thankful for the wonderful Council colleagues I have worked with for so many years. I learned what it means to be united in vision and purpose. Positive changes are not possible without unity,” she said.


“It has also been an honor to work with a talented and dedicated city staff,” she said.


“My decision to retire is related to the timing of my retirement from my teaching career,” Martinez said. “This will allow me to take care of my family in the best way possible. As I leave the Council before the end of my term, I am fully confident that my colleagues will carry on the good work and follow the straight path we have set together.”


“While we are sorry to see Councilmember Martinez leave, her service to our town has been impeccable and devoted,” said Mayor Tom Hansen.  “She has likewise been influential regionally with such organizations as California Contract Cities Association, the League of California Cities Latino Caucus, and the Gateway Cities/COG. Diane’s dedication to Paramount is profound, she has been a true inspiration, and we understand the reasons for her decision.”


“Councilmember Martinez has always been remarkably supportive of City staff,” said City Manager John Moreno. “Her respect and affection for the people who work for the City and serve the public have been greatly appreciated. She’s a leader who will be missed very much.”